Thursday, July 14, 2022

Ready to goo

 It's been a long time coming. This trip has be up-ended by the pandemic twice before. Originally scheduled for the summer of 2020, it was delayed to 2021 and then again to 2022. But it now time to depart.

The group is fairly international with riders from all over the US, France and the Netherlands. "Les Cavaliers  de La Fayette" in French and "The LaFayette Riders" in the English, is a private group that has been hosting rides for more that 30 years.

The ride will start and end in Rennes. It's a multi-day ride running counter-clockwise with much of the time spent on the Atlantic coast. Everyone that know that has been there, raves about the beauty and food. 


I'm heading to the airport tomorrow to catch a 1 PM direct flight to Paris, arriving 9 AM on the 16th. The catch the 12:30 PM a TGV train to starting point in Rennes. You better get over jet lag pretty fast because the next day we head out to Dinan. The longer route will be 94 Km/58.4 Miles.

Blog Update

I'll try to update the blog on a daily basis. On occasion, the daily updates will be lagging by a day or so. The updates will be a paragraph or two and a photo or two with a link to the day's photo album.

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