Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Day 10, Pont-Aven to Lorient

 Checked the weather before heading out today. The forecast was for cool (low 60's) and overcast until about 11AM and then the clouds breaking up and warming up to the mid 70's and clear. Just like the "Gray May" weather that we have in late spring to early summer in Los Angeles. My favorite riding conditions.  

Sure enough, the forecast was correct and the ride was loads of fun. The distance was less than 50 miles and the elevation gain was reasonable at slightly less than 2000 ft and as we motored on the sky became spectacular as the clouds began to breakup sun started to reflect. I'm glad that I took just a couple of seconds to capture the scene.  

We took an early coffee stop at a picturesque cafe overlooking a tidal inlet. When you are in such beauty, you just gotta stop and soak it in.

By the time we reached the lunch stop, we had noticed that we were being pushed along by a very nice tailwind (so is that why we were making such good time?).

After lunch, the next stop was the WWII submarine pens that were built by the germans to house, repair and restock their U-boats before sending them out to the Atlantic to attack the allied convoys. The sub pens where built so strongly that allied bombers were not able to put them out of commission. Following WWII, the French repurposed them for their own use.

Just a couple of steps from the sub pens, we were to meet at a ferry that would take us to Port Louis and our hotel for the night. Agnes Melot had arranged for a nephew to give us an informal talk about the racing sailing boats moored near the ferry that was going to depart to Port Louis.

I found the engineering of these incredibly light and strong machines that have been designed to participate in multi day and world circling races to be fascinating!!

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