Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Day 4, Paimpol to Lannion

Another great cycling day. Took off from Paimpol, a seaside town, this morning in nice cool weather. I suppose it was about 63 degrees F or so with blue skies. Seems as you leave each of these seaside towns you need to climb 200 feet or so to reach the overlooking bluffs. Today was no exception. If you look at the ride profile below you can see that the average blubb height is between 200 and 300 feet after each town. Not too much if you are driving, but on a bike, it adds up pretty quickly. 

One of the interesting sites that we came across was a large circle of stones, obviously very ancient. A placard written in French described the significance and made reference to a large burial mound that include a photo from 1958, but for some reason the monund is now gone. The photo below includes a church built near the site as well. 

Another ancient site is called "Menhir of Saint-Uzec". According to Wikipedia, it was constructed 5000-2000 years BC and 7.4 meters (24 feet) in height. Wikipedia also states "This megalithic monument was Christianized in 1674 during a Mission of the "Apostle of Brittany", the Jesuit father Julien Maunoir."

A very impressive stone to stand at the foot of.

See today' photo album at the following link:

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