Saturday, July 23, 2022

Day 7, Le Faou to Quimper

This blog will get pretty repetitive if I keep talking about the perfect biking conditions, but here it goes. This morning was overcast in in the mid 50's at the start of the ride. Chilly enough that I had planned  to wear my jacket at the start, but moments before we headed out, I ditched the jacket, rolled it up and stuffed in in the back pocket of my jersey. Today's ride consisted of 8 substantial climbs and I knew that I was going to warm up pretty quickly on the climbs. 

Most days it's Jim and Lauri Young and myself and today we also had Steve Hart along as well. Within just a couple of miles we came across the bridge in the photo below. It's called the "Térénez bridge" and is spectacular to look at. The cable stayed construction is becoming pretty common today for new bridges, but I have never sees a bridge with a curved deck at such a scale. 

The morning remained cool and overcast only breaking 60 degrees at 10 AM. Like yesterday, much of the ride remained inland and occasionally breathtaking views of the landscape and the morning clouds. 

The ride also consists of many steep climbs for close to 4000 feet of climbing and many times the climbs reached a grade of 13% or more. Eventually we dropped out of the climbs and headed to a beach for lunch and took a nice long lunch while gazing out on the beaches. Then it was time to mount the bikes for 4 or so additional climbs.

As we rolled into Quimper we stumbled on a huge annual festival that was in progress. Where we saw pipers some costumed dancers in the streets. From there we scooted along to reach our hotel in another couple of miles. I just can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

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