Saturday, July 30, 2022


 I received the following email from a good biking friend:

I’m enjoying your blog but missing any talk about food? How’s the food?

I realized that in this land where it's impossible to find a bad meal, I haven't made any blog entries regarding the spectacular meals that we've been treated to.

Breakfasts were served buffet style at the hotels, with all the expected european breakfast items including meats and cheese. Coffee was typically dispensed from machines including espresso drinks.

Lunch was on the road usually at the 1/2 point of the ride. It was served picnic style will all sorts of fixings to keep you nourished and back on the road in a timely fashion. Paul honcho it up and stopped at local food markets so that the food was always fresh.

Of course post ride treats were consumed at the end of the rides as well.

The star of the show was organized by Severine Liu, Sharon Golec and Agnes Melot who worked closely with each restaurant that supplied and excellent variety of beautiful and delicious meals. When I'll think of this ride, the roads and views will be remembered, but it will be the wonderful food that that will come to mind first.

All meals consisted of an appetizer followed by a main course, very often fish while near the sea, and a dessert. Oh, don't forget about the wine. Three kinds of wine, red, white and rosé which flowed in abundance.

Below are some example of the appetizers, main course and desserts, but click in on the following link for many more.

Photo album: click here

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