Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Day 3, Fréhel to Paimpol

 The weather today was a welcome change from yesterday. The heat has broken, the sky overcast for the most part with some scattered showers. Later in the afternoon the Sun started to peek through that made the views spectacular.

As we left the hotel, we quickly started a climb from the beach town of Frehel to the bluff overlooking the beach. It would be the first of many climbs from almost sea level to 200-300 feet. Some of the inclines were pretty steep and others 5 to 6% ( a 6% incline represents a gain of 6 feet for every 100 feet forward).

There were plenty of sights today. While riding along the bluff, there were fields of hay all rolled up in bundles within view of the Atlantic. A view not seen in the US, viaducts right off the road, marinas with boats stranded on land as the tide rolled out. The route event took us across a viaduct that was constructed to carry trains at the turn of the last century that has been converted to a bike path. At one point, we came across a view that we just had to stop and take in the view from a well placed  public bench.

With all the sights, the  day as to starting to run late and there were still miles to cover and hills to climb. At one point, we even passed up an ice cream store in one of the small sea side towns because we need to keep going.

When we reached our hotel in Paimpol, we had covered almost 69 miles and close to 4,000 feet.

Today's photo album is located at the following link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CXuGiLHP9dbcjkg56

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