Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Day 11, Lorient to Carnac

Today was scheduled to be a bit longer that the past couple of days, almost 60 miles with close to 2000 feet of climbing. Not a lot, but getting in later than usual. The weather starting off was in the low 60's with not much climbing in the early part for the ride.

Two options were offered. A shorter 30ish mile ride or the longer 60ish mile ride. The lunch stop was at about 20 mile point, so out coffee stop was early in the the ride at 10 miles, at a cafe that was overlooking a small island that contained a church and a couple of homes. Located in the estuary surrounding the island was oster beds. In the past couple of days, we have spotted many oyster beds sitting in the estuaries the past couple of days as we crossed bridges.

After lunch 1/2 the riders took off to complete the shorter route, an additional 10 miles, and me and the rest of the other riders headed South to the Quiberon peninsula adding 30 miles to the ride. The reward for the additional miles was to get up close to some outstanding examples of megalithes that were constructed 2000-5000 years BC. To be able to wander between the huge slabs of vertical stones was quite an experience.

The high point of both rides was near the end of the ride in Carnac. The attraction is called the "Carnac alignments".  Where the stones on the peninsula numbered in the dozens, the number in Carnac must number in the thousands. Though we would have loved to walk between these stones, these stones were separated by a fence and were off limits for any close inspections.


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