Monday, July 25, 2022

Day 9, Pont-Aven Loop

Sometimes during these tours we’re faced with the lack of good internet coverage. In the case of poor coverage, the daily blogs are delayed. Today is one of these cases. We landed in a hotel that seems to have internet speed similar to dial up speeds, almost like stepping back into the year 2000 that results in getting knocked off the ‘net every couple of minutes. I’m preparing this blog in the off-line mode with hopes that we can upload this tomorrow.

Today we're in the lovely town of Pont-Aven and we're staying for 2 nights. A chance to catch our breath a bit before the final week.

Pont Aven is the summer home of Philippe Melot, a good friend of the "Les Cavaliers de La Fayette" who during the planning of this ride suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. In his memory, we took a small loop and hike that brought us to a location where his ashes were scattered. On a previous La Fayette ride, while riding in Europe, we had another death, Dr. John Snyder. His ashes were also scattered in this beautiful location overlooking the ocean.

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