Thursday, July 21, 2022

Day 5, Lannion to Morlaix

 You know, some days are just better than others. This has been our 5th day riding in this beautiful country. The views have been wonderful and the weather for the most part nice. When the 2 come together however, it just makes you giggle will joy.

Waking up today it was cool in the low 60's and a bit overcast. Had breakfast and loaded the truck with our bags before heading out. As we navigated the first set of traffic circles, I glanced over my shoulder a saw blue sky peeking out of the clouds. Cool weather and blue skies, a perfect combination for a riding day.

Like previous days, we were following the northern coast westward. Dipping down to the sleepy seaside towns and popping up to the bluffs, repeating the process for the entire ride, I would be scolded by the other riders if I left out that the first climb of the day include a 21% grade. For most rides, a 6% grade is noticeable. A 12% grade is considered pretty advanced, but 21% is normally avoided at all costs. In this case, you hit the hill, get into your lowest gear and just slowly work your way up the hill. Most 21% grades, the length is measured in a fraction of a mile which was the case of this particular hill. Starting at 6% increasing to 10% then 15% and finally 21% then tapering back down as the top is reached. It's just another obstacle that needs to be overcome on a beautiful day. In addition, it gives us all something to talk about at lunch and at the end of the day.

Speaking of lunch, the photo below is from lunch (I talk about lunch in a future blog), where from my perch overlooking the beach.

Below is the interactive map of today's ride:

To view today's photos, click on the following link:

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